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Guess what?
I remembered my password!
Er.. Hi there
OK... so I've been a bit busy lately... got a job and all now.. not many demos and stuff tested on dreamemu so much now... Er... I'll probably get around to updating some of my pages one of these days... takes a lot longer to do that I expected... Thanks to emulation64 for keeping this site hosted even through my away period... Possibly update a lot more soon
Status Report
I thought that I'd give all you hopeful people out there some status on Dreamemu. Lord Cheese has now fixed a major FPU problem and is now working steadiliy to get more KOS stuff to work. At some point soon he may also begin on more advanced 3D sections, such as texturing. Serial Output to terminal window has also been fixed now.
U can now find me on the emulation64 irc channel on EFnet.
Now for my complaint... Will someone please add me to a bot????

Links to Products
Well, I decided it was about time to add some links to DC dev hardware or useful hardware that u may like/want. There they are below the menu.

Testing and Asking
Hey Hey, what's this? Another update from me? Well, this is just to say that I'm testing the Dreamemu 0.04 beta already. Looking pretty good. With serial output done to a console window, improved speed and slightly improved compatibility.
Here's a request to any Dreamcast coders out there that want a challenge. I would like to see a DOS/Windows emulator for the DC. I would offer a prize to the first person that makes a highly compatible one. But right now I'm outta money. But who knows. By the time it's done I may have some cash and will let you choose your prize or something :)
Also, could someone tell me what part of the bios deals with GD ROM stuff... I wanna know.
Hmmm... anything else? Not that I can think of for now. So for now, I'm gone (Still actively working on the new layout)

New Site Layout
Well, here's my new under construction site layout. I think it looks pretty good. You probably don't :p but I guess that's what the public is there for... to complain ;)
So drop yer comments to: and tell me what you think of it so far.
Designed for 1024x768. OK it's viewable on 800x600. I dread to think about 640x480. But it looks best at 1024 :)
BinoX leaving for now :)